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Stud &track for ceiling

This machine is fully automatic and high speed producing continuously, one set of forming rolls can produce various sizes of Stud and Runner just by simply and easily changing the spacers, this enables the production of different sizes products on the same rollers.if want more fast can change the forming by cassette design.
This machine is also can be designed for in line punching, punching and cutting in one time. Main motor use AC servo motor with inverter, producing in line speed: 60 meter per minute, quick or slow speed can be adjusted freely. After roll forming, automatic in line punching and cutting continuously. Cutting length: from 3 meter to 6 meter or more, length tolerance: within ±1mm. Automatic products piling table is special designed for high speed production capacity and reduce the production cost, create more profit for the customers.
We not only provide Stud/track and different shape profile machine, also can provide the ceiling panel sheet machine.
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