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Solar Mounting Roll Forming Machine

As one of the new energy sources, solar energy has been vigorously developed in the past ten years, and the demand for solar mounting structures is also increasing day by day.

We Provide Mounting Structures Types of Sections:

All of size is AUTOMATIC SMART adjustable

  • C Channel
  • C Channel with Lip
  • Strut Rail
  • Z Channel
  • Z Channel with Lip
  • Sigma Section
  • L Angle
  • Hat Section

Full line working process

coil→leveling→in line punching→roll forming→high speed non stop cutting→auto stacker.
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Full line adopt HIGH SPEED non stop working, without punching line speed up to 50m/min, include punching line speed up 35-40m/min, this greatly increased capacity and saved labor!
To save cost and factory space, we give QUICK CASSETTE design, one machine can make different section, just change some forming station.

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