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Global Innovators in Roll forming and Value-Added Solutions.

At SAIBO Science &Technology , we create customized roll forming machines, coil processing equipment, Tube Mills, and provide unique service that meets the specific profile our customer needs. Our innovation is aimed at improving line efficiency and product quality. We take the necessary time to understand the goals of each of our clients so that we can recommend the best equipment for the job every time.

Our personalized approach ensures both experienced buyers and inexperienced buyers receive the highest quality end products they need. As a global leader, our incredible machines have the capacity to produce prototypes and short runs for a variety of industries.
If you are interested in our roll forming machines, you can contact us via email: or WhatsApp: 0086 13921996208 for more information. Looking forward to your consultation.

Solar Roll Forming Machine

The solar roll forming machine can be used produce solar mounting, struct and solar module frame.
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PEB Roll Forming Machine

The PEB roll forming machine can be used produce CZ sigma, metal decking, tile roofing / wall sheet, down spout / gutter and door & shutter.

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Road Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

The road crash barrier roll forming machine can be used produce 2&3 waves barrier, post channel and city road barrier.
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Warehouse Selective Pallet Racking Roll Forming Machine

The warehouse selective pallet racking roll forming machine can be used produce storage rack and shelf panel.
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Stud & Track Roll Forming Machine

The stud & track roll forming machine can be used produce stud & track for ceiling.
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