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SAIBO-50 Tube and Pipe Mill Machine

This SAIBO-50 Tube and Pipe Mill Machine installed in Cambodia, complete with un-coiler & strip-head shearer & butt welder station & forming mill & sizing mill & cold flying saw & conveyor table & stacking & packing machine.

Product Description

SAIBO-50 Tube and Pipe Mill Machine

Accumulating more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience in tube mill machine, SAIBO Science &Technology specializes in supplying SAIBO-12~SAIBO-273 ERW tube mill machine. We devotes to technological researching and quility inproving. Meanwhile the ERW tube mill is featured with high-strength design, material selection, precision machining, stable operation and energy conservation. Thus we have won outstanding reputation and wide patronage from overseas and domestic customers.

Roller quickly change type tube mill machine is our patent product, the roller can be changed in 30 minutes, improve the production efficiency of different sizes of pipe.

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Product Parameter

ModelTube O.D. (mm)Wall Thickness (mm)Square & Rectangle (mm)Thickness (mm)Speed (mm)
SAIBO-50qφ16 ~ 50.80.4 ~ 1.512.7*12.7 ~ 40*40 20*10 ~ 50*250.4 ~1.230 ~ 110
SAIBO-50φ16 ~ 50.80.5 ~ 2.00.5 ~ 1.530 ~ 90
SAIBO-50Zφ16 ~ 50.80.6 ~ 2.50.6 ~ 2.030 ~ 80


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