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Roller Shutter Machine

A roller shutter machine is an automatic rolling machine to make shutter door slats. Roller shutter making machine is fully automatic and easy to operate to form shutter slats.
It consists of one decoiler, sheet guiding equipment, roll forming section, PLC control system, Hydraulic cutting, collection table.
Their main advantages are beautifully customized designs, easy and stable operation with strong body frame.

Product Description

Roller shutter machine is used to manufacture various roller shutter doors.

Roller shutter doors are made from high-strength steel or aluminum sheet profiles and are used for industrial buildings, shops and many other applications. They are technical profiles which are subject to opening and closing stress at least once a day. Their height and shape can differ greatly. In fact there are flat, curved, perforated and double-wall slats.

Door frame and shutter is one is one of very component in PEB project, it have many different design, like single frame/double frame/single layer shutter/double layer shutter or PU foam shutter and so on. Saibo science and technology can give many different design, and very important is that we can give customer by their request.

Different design Layout for reference

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Main technology of roller shutter machine

  • Single head or double head uncoiler with coil car
  • Full automatic set request length and quantity
  • Full automatic to make all holes on line
  • By cassette design one machine can make different profiles
  • Hydraulic no scrap cutting
  • Full automatic stacking and packing

Product Parameter

Full line powerabout 10-30KW
Forming speed0-30m/min
Forming stationabout from 15-35 stations
DriveDrive by gear box or chain
Full line weightabout 6-25Tons
Roller materialGCR15
Punching die and cutting die materialD2
Servo and control systemMitsubishi/Siemens/Panasonic...


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