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Down Spout / Gutter Roll Forming Machine Series

Down spout and gutter is one of very component in PEB project, it have many different design, like square, rectangle, round, semicircle, and so on.

The gutter forming machine can forming PPGI/GI/PPGL/Alu and so on. We can design gutter rolling machine according to customer demands.

Product Description

The gutter forming machine is composed of unwinding machine, uncoiling device, feeding guide device, forming host, forming cutting device, hydraulic system, control system and finished product bracket.
The product rolled by the gutter forming machine has a longer service life than the traditional PPC pipe, and is not easy to age, which makes the whole project more unified and helps to improve the image of the whole project.
Down spout Gutter Roll Forming Machine produce the rain gutter metal sheet, it is easy to install and convenient for worker to operate. The product is not easy to rust, and the later maintenance is convenient. PEB is a very complex system, which consists of a large number of different components, each of which is very important.  And what we do is we help our customers and give solution.
Saibo science and technology can give many different design, and very important is that we can give customer by their request. As standard design is one machine make one profile, but to consider customer cost, we can give cassette design, means one machine can make different profiles.


Different design Layout for reference

Profile for reference:

Main technology

  • Single head or double head uncoiler with coil car
  • Full automatic set request length and quantity
  • By cassette design one machine can make different profiles
  • Hydraulic no scrap cutting
  • Full automatic stacking and packing

Product Parameter

Full line powerabout 10-30KW
Forming speed0-30m/min
Forming stationabout from 15-25 stations
DriveDrive by gear box or chain
Full line weightabout 6-10Tons
Roller materialGCR15
Punching die and cutting die materialD2
Servo and control systemMitsubishi/Siemens/Panasonic...


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