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Whether your Organization is seeking long term production custom-roll forming or is experiencing capacity shortfalls, Saibo’s in-house custom roll forming division can help!

Our Custom Rollforming Solutions

Saibo Machinery’s Rolling Division offers its customers Custom Roll Forming Production Services through its in-house rolling mills. Samco enables its customers to confidently place its production needs in our experts hands!
Saibo’s vertical integration allows our customers to come to us as a “one-stop-shop”……we support our customers needs from initial tooling design and development, to in-house tooling construction, to production launch!
Saibo’s in-house roll forming expertise further allows our customers to know that they will get the highest quality parts, on-time, and at competitive prices!!

Our Rollforming Services also include:

Where applicable, our proposals are complete with initial engineering concepts, product development, raw material sourcing, full-scale production, and logistics.
Project Management
Saibo employs a detail Project Management process throughout product launch. Samco takes pride in its customer focused commitment to ensure all projects are launched on time everytime.
Saibo’s Engineering expertise includes the use of Copra FEA; a state-of-the-art virtual testing software which simulates and analyzes roll tooling designs to determine how metal will behave when passing through a set of rolls.
Saibo has developed a diverse supply base in order to support the procurement of all types of metals: hot rolled, pre-galvanized, stainless steel, galvalume, aluminum and more!

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