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About Us

Roll Forming Machine supplier

Global Innovators in Roll forming and Value-Added Solutions.
At SAIBO Science &Technology (Suzhou Jingbo Industrial), we create customized roll forming machines, coil processing equipment, Tube Mills, and provide unique service that meets the specific profile our customer needs. Our innovation is aimed at improving line efficiency and product quality. We take the necessary time to understand the goals of each of our clients so that we can recommend the best equipment for the job every time.
Saibo – a professional roll forming machine supplier in China, Welcome to visit our factory and customize your roll forming machine.

Our Approach

Our personalized approach ensures both experienced buyers and inexperienced buyers receive the highest quality end products they need. As a global leader, our incredible machines have the capacity to produce prototypes and short runs for a variety of industries.

As a professional roll forming machine supplier, we go beyond providing customers with products and services. Instead, we serve as technology partners, providing leading global companies with superlative turnkey engineering solutions that address diverse needs.

Our History

Founded by Mr.Xue Jian in 1995, Saibo Machinery has evolved from a one-man operation to a global enterprise with manufacturing, and in 2003 build up brand name in SAIBO. Mr. Xue Jian is a very excellent engineer, in the design, equipment adjustment, intelligent aspects, all have very advanced technology. He led the technical team in the industry has been unanimously recognized.

Our Facility

Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou, close to Zhangjiagang port, Shanghai port, and Shanghai International Airport, the traffic is very convenient.  As an economically strong province in China, we have perfect processing capacity and supporting facilities for related equipment.
Along with our adaptations, expansions and modernizations over the years, allow us to produce the highest quality of equipment. As our main hub for design and manufacturing, our factory facility encompasses 220,000 square feet.

This facility offers the following benefits to our customers:

Tool Room

The Tool Room is a self-sufficient department dedicated to the die making aspects of Saibo.
We have all the ingredients: Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine), Milling Machines, Cylindrical Grinders, and our newly acquired CNC Machining Center.
The Tool Room also helps the Machine Shop with their overflow, usually “one offs” that are not CNC compatible. Our Tool Room assembly also helps with the “Trouble Shooting” of our rollforming lines during testing and helps our design department when problems occur.
Our Climate Controlled EDM Room is also an Inspection Department; we have a dedicated inspector who checks all components that are made in our Machine Shop and Tool Room. Our inspector also checks the customer product that is formed from our lines, making sure that it meets customer and industry standards.

Rollformer Assembly Areas

Should you decide to hire a shipping company for the delivery of your machine, we can provide access to our dock level pick up area. If you prefer to have your flatbed truck drive in, we have overhead cranes and forklifts to load your machinery onto your vehicle.

CNC Shop

Our CNC shop runs two shifts. We introduced a second shift to keep up with the fast growing requirements of our customers. Our CNCs are equipped with the latest tooling and programming software.

LCD Screens

Our customers love this! When they walk into our shop, they can view the status of all our work. Its core purpose is to inform our employees about approaching delivery dates, so they know what their priorities are.
We measure all of our deliveries and set goals for timeliness – for both entire rollforming lines and for spare parts. This is just one way we efficiently communicate with our employees.

Our Services

Our aim is based on service, quality for survival, science and technology for development.

pre-sale service

We provide 24 hours online consulting services, including email, telephone, video conference, etc. Make sure you get the right equipment.

installation and training

Our engineers to go abroad for installation and training. We install all equipment and provide training and ongoing maintenance.

after-sale service

We have a complete after-sales service system to solve the worries of customers using the machine.

Technical Support

No matter in the pre-sale or after-sale service process, our engineers provide customers with a full range of technical support.

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We are a professional roll forming machine manufacturer in China, customized roll forming machine factory.
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