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C/Z purlin roll forming machine

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Guard rail roll forming machine

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Slitting & Cut to length




Price: Usd50300 fob(with servo cutting, servo punching, tolerance is +-1mm)
Lead time: 50day 
Payment terms: T/T, 10% paid in advance and 90% paid after testing

Main parameter: 
1. Suitable plate of the rolling: galvanized steel, with thickness 0.3~0.7 mm, 
2. Forming speed: 70m/min (including continuous cut and punching)
3. Forming stations: 13stations 
4. Roller material: D2, with heat treatment and chrome plating on surface, diameter of axis is 60mm
5. Material of principal axis: #45 advanced steel, with heat treatment.. diameter is 60mm
6. Cut-off system: Hydraulic cutting, cutting after forming 
7. Hydraulic power: 2.2 KW
8. Control system: The whole machine is controlled by PLC system
PLC: Simenz 
Touch screen: Simenz
Rotating coder: Omron 
Transducer: Omron
9. Bearings is SKF from Japan
10. motor: main motor is 4kw, reducer is 3kw, hydraulic is 2.2kw, servo is 3.9kw
11. dimension is 11m from decoiler to cutter. The table is 4m long more
12. driven by gearbox
13. Motors 220V, 60Hz
14. CD for Programme
15.one station with `Ananda` information 
Similar machine pictures 
Double head Decoiler with motor, without hydraulic

380/530 is for narrow and wide. It is did by manual


Main roll former: 13 stations

Rectify: 5 rollers

Continuous cut
By hydraulic 2 .2kw by servo system
Tolerance is +-1mm

PLC control cabinet Run out table 4m

Run out table 4m
Will drop off automatically

Hydraulic station2.2kw 

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Products List
C/Z purlin roll forming machine
Guide unit/Solar Roll forming machine
Guard rail roll forming machine
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